New Covid-19 Protocol

- We would like to reassure you that we are adhering to the CDC Guidelines as the health and wellbeing of our students, their families, and our staff are our top priority. We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations as they’re announced.

- Class sizes have been limited in order to ensure that dancers can remain safe distances apart.  According to local guidelines, all dancers must have a mask on inside the studio.  We have taped out 6 foot boxes in each of the dance rooms to ensure safe distances.


- We are encouraging the use of our Online Portal to make online payments to ACH (automatic checking withdraw).  This is a withdraw that comes directly from your checking account.  Our payment software never shares your account information - it is a secure payment processing software.  We do not accept credit cards at this time.  The front desk is to remain closed for the time being.  If you cannot make online payments, please mail a check to Papermoon Performing Arts, 49 Commons Drive #2, Litchfield CT 06759. 

- We will not be using the doors we normally use that open into the building's lobby.  We will be using the door in the center of our space as our own separate entrance.  This ensures that we are able to keep our entrances separate from WZBG so that both WZBG and Papermoon are in control of sanitizing and cleaning their own spaces.  If you are facing the building, our new separate entrance door is to the right of the building's lobby doors. The door will be marked.

- At this time, no parents are allowed inside the studio.  (3-6 Combo Parents, please note you are an exception to this rule).  Otherwise our waiting room/lobby is closed.

- Front desk/reception is closed.

- When class is over, students will be sent out by the instructor.  DO NOT be late.  We cannot wait outside with your child as we need time to prepare and clean before the next class arrives.

- Time in-between classes is built into our schedules for staff to clean and disinfect.

- All students will sanitize their hands upon arrival and exit to and from the building.

- Our cubbies are closed to limit shared surfaces.  Students need to arrive in only the clothing they will be dancing in and should bring only the shoes the need for class and a water bottle.  A plastic bin will be given to each student to put their belongings in.  Students will carry these with them into the dance room during class.  Bins will be disinfected by staff between all classes.

- Bathrooms will be cleaned between groups/classes.  Only one dancer in the bathroom at a time. 

- Students and staff who have traveled to a "hot" state or out of the country are asked to remain home for 10 days after their return home or show proof of a negative test after arriving back to CT.  Please check the CDC website for specifics on this guidance.

When to stay home..

- If a dancer is experiencing any covid-19 symptoms. Please refer to the CDC website for the most up to date list

- If a dancer test positive  *SEE BELOW AND CONTACT THE STUDIO ASAP

- If a dancer is asymptomatic but has been exposed to a positive person *SEE BELOW AND CONTACT THE STUDIO ASAP

- If a dancer is symptomatic and has been exposed to a positive person *SEE BELOW AND CONTACT THE STUDIO ASAP

- If a dancer has traveled out of state, please see the CT travel restrictions on the state website for specific information

If a dancer/staff member tests positive

Should we experience a confirmed case of COVID-19 and the dancer/employee was in the studio within the past 10 days, we will:

• Require the following information:

o Date of first known symptoms (if applicable)

o Date of test taken


*Papermoon Performing Arts will notify any students or staff members who may have been exposed

  • Notify those dancers/employees from 2 days prior to onset of symptoms or the time of test taken via email within 24 hours

  • Respect the privacy of the infected individual

  • Deep clean the entire studio if positive member/employee has been in the studio within the last 7 days

  • Require the infected individual to refrain from the studio for 14 days, or until cleared by their doctor and are symptom-free. They may take Zoom classes.

A positive COVID-19 reported case in our studio does not warrant an automatic requirement for any team member to be tested. The guidelines and protocols we have in place help protect every individual from being in close contact. “Close contact” as defined by the CDC is being within 6 feet of an infected individual for at least 15 minutes starting from 48 hours before the person began feeling sick to time the patient was isolated. Being aware of proximity and proper use of PPE is everyone’s responsibility and should be taken seriously.

Note: dancers/employees/family members who are exposed to the virus while properly equipped with PPE (e.g. healthcare workers) are not subject to self-isolation, per the guidelines.


*latest update: if a dancer is a close contact of a confirmed positive person and is asymptomatic, that dancer should either quarantine for 10 days or provide the results of a negative test before coming back to dance.  A symptomatic dancer around a positive covid case should contact the studio immediately.  Please do not wait for a negative test in that instance.

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