Our Staff

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Class Assistants:
Miss Emily, Miss Roz, Miss Ashley, Miss Ailyn
Junior Helpers:
Miss Ceci, Miss Cecelia, Miss Caroline

"Danielle is more than just a dance instructor, she is a role model. Along with her incredible dance techniques, she is very personable and approachable which makes talking to her very easy. Her classes are her family and I have never felt left out or alone. Going to dance knowing that she will always support me is a great feeling. Her ideas and combinations are some that I will never forget because she makes dancing a part of life. She will never let you down as a teacher, dancer, or friend and I am so grateful for having had the chance to be a part of Miss Danielle's dance family."   -Taylor


"At Papermoon we feel as though we are able to express ourselves without judgement.  It is important for everyone to have a place where they can be themselves and not worry about drama and judgement." - Marilyn

"In 2009 I auditioned for my first jazz solo and was placed with my choreographer Danielle. My first class came around and I could not have been more nervous. However, it was not hard to warm up to Danielle. In just one year I achieved so much and that was shown throughout competition season. Others were noticing my improvements as well.  Carrying into 2010, my second year being a soloist, I received the highest award (Platinum) and first place overall in competition for my category. If it was not for Miss Danielle’s persistent motivation and enthusiasm for dance I may not have ever broken out of that shy shell I hid in just a year before. Danielle has a way with teaching, she acknowledges each students strengths and weaknesses and uses them to that student’s greatest ability. I am so grateful to have been able to work with such a supportive and talented choreographer."   -Emily

"Papermoon Performing Arts is a studio filled with love and support.  Miss Danielle makes everyone feel important and valued.  I’m grateful to belong to a studio where everyone lifts each other up."    -Becky

"Dancing at Papermoon has helped me feel less anxious around others and has given me a safe space to freely express myself in my truest form.  I have a place where I can look forward to go to at the end of the day and dance all my worries away."