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How long is your dance season?

Our dance season runs similar to the school year, from September to June.  This season (2022-2023) dance will begin on September 12!

What are your recitals like?  

Our recital is the pride and joy of each season!  If you have never been to a Papermoon recital, you are in for a treat!  Our recital is a full production complete with a beautiful set and awesome routines!  

What age do you begin accepting dancers?  When is your age cutoff?

3 or potty trained!  Our age cutoff is Dec 31!

How can I pay my tuition and other fees?

We are encouraging Automatic Checking Withdraws online through our Online Portal and DSP app.  You can also pay by cash or check at the studio if necessary.


Do you have a dress code?


Yes, we do!  Please visit click here to visit our dancewear page!


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