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Passion. Purpose. Artistry.
Our Mission
What Sets Us Apart?

Papermoon's pedagogy focuses on each and every dancer.  Whether you are a recreational or competitive level dancers, you will receive a full, well-rounded dance education to ensure to you are the best dancer YOU can be!  All dancers receive technical training.  All dancers are made important.  All dancers know their routines come recital-time in June.


Papermoon offers a full recreational dance program.  (Those dancers interested in Competition Teams try-out for teams each year.  Competition Teams are choreography classes taken in additional to their regular recreational/recital classes.)  Recreational dance is perfect for students who want to dance just for fun or as a stepping stone for eventual competitive level dance training.  All recreational dances perform in our June recital.  At the beginning of each season, there may be a some moving around of students, at the studio director's discretion, as we try to place your dancer in their perfect class.

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