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Recreational Program

Registration for our 2023-2024 Season
Will Open Soon!

Recreational dance is perfect for students who want to dance just for fun or as a stepping stone for eventual competitive level dance training.  All recreational dances perform in our June recital.  There may be some moving around of students, at the studio director's discretion, as we try to place your dancer in their perfect class.

**All class placement is at the discretion of the studio director**

Solo & duo/trio recreational lessons are available!

Core Combination Classes

Our Core Combination Classes are our basic class offerings.  All dancers, recreational and competitive, enroll in these Core Combo Classes.  At Papermoon, we believe that all dancers should have a well-rounded dance education and by combining ballet/lyrical with a secondary genre, every student receives well-rounded instruction. 


Our Core Combo Classes are an hour long and pending on age, either consist of Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, or Ballet-Lyrical/Jazz.  Dancers will perform two dances in our June recital.  After a dancer enrolls in the Core Combination Class, they are eligible to sign up for any add-on classes.

Add-ons include:

Musical Theatre


Nutcracker (fall/winter offering)

Ballroom (spring offering)


Our classes are structured to provide 50% technical training and 50% choreography work.  For this reason, our season runs from September to June, culminating in a recital. 


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