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November Newsletter


Important Dates:

Nov 1 - November Tuition Due

Nov 8 - Recital Costumes Deposit Due

Nov 10 - Turn It Up Convention @ Foxwoods


Nov 19 - Groove Competition Fees Due

Nov 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break - No Class

Dec 1 -  December Tuition Due 


October Recap…

October was a great month at the studio!  It was so awesome to see everyone’s cute Halloween costumes.  If anyone has pictures they would like to share, please either post them in the “Papermoon Members” group on Facebook or email them to me at papermoonperformingarts@gmail.com.  


Anti-Bullying Month

This past month, we spoke in class about the importance of being kind to everyone and how to counter and prevent bullying at dance.  In an industry that is so stigmatized with drama from TV shows and popular culture, I make it part of my job to make sure that everyone, both dancers and parents alike, know that Papermoon is a kind, safe place for kids to grow and spend their time.  No one should ever be made to feel like they aren’t good enough, especially at a place where they choose to be, a place where they choose to participate in something as beautiful as dance. 


This year, instead of signing individual pledge posters, we made one large poster to sign as a studio community.  The pledge will be hanging up in the waiting room. Parents, please feel free to sign the pledge in unity with the dancers.  Leading by example is sometimes the most powerful thing we can do.



Please check your Parent Portal to view costume deposits.  We post a standard deposit per costume due November 8th. The balance is paid by Jan 27th.  For example, if your child’s lyrical class has a $25 deposit and the costume fee ends up being $50, your balance due Jan 27th for that costume would be $25.  Please remember, recital costume fees and deposits are non-refundable - see the Studio Policies that were included in your registration packet (also posted in the Parent Portal.)



Please remember that tuition is due the 1st of every month.  We allow a 10 day grace period for payment to be submitted and should payment not be received by the 10th, a late fee of $16 will be charged to your account on the 11th.  All other fees also have a 10 day grace period before a late fee is applied. ACH Payments are available through the Parent Portal and we are always happy to take cash or check at the desk.



If there is a cancellation due to weather, a mass email and text will be sent out, it will be posted on Facebook, and it will be posted on our website.  Please check those outlets if you are questioning cancellations. Please remember that each class has two snow days built into tuition the way the calendar weeks fall.  If a class misses more than 2 weeks, either a refund or a makeup class will be offered. If you’d like for more than one parent/person to receive a text alert for your dancer, please see Diane at the desk so we can set it up in our system.



Groove fees are posted in the Parent Portal.  I cannot post every competition’s fee at once because then it will always show that your account has a negative balance until you pay each competition.  To see a schedule of payments and prices, please refer to the most up-to-date payment schedule posted under Shared Files in the Parent Portal. Fees will be posted in the Parent Portal two weeks prior to the due date.


Junior Natalie McDermott volunteers her time at Safe Haven in Waterbury and came to me with the idea of centering this year’s annual Holiday Collection around the shelter.  We love to see our dancers coming forward to help others, so please read about Natalie’s collection through Papermoon!  


For the holiday season, Papermoon is holding our annual collection for a charity in the area. This year, we are helping out the Safe Haven women’s shelter for domestic abuse in the Greater Waterbury area.  This non-profit works to take in women and children escaping dangerous situations at home and provides them with food, shelter, counseling, and job searches. We will be doing two collections: one that will be delivered for Thanksgiving, and another that will be delivered for Christmas. Starting Monday, we will have a bin in the lobby for contributions!


Safe Haven’s Wishlist:




Liquid Laundry Detergent

Non-Perishable Food

Disposable Diapers

Cleaning Supplies

Paper Products

New Underwear and Socks for Women and Children

New Sweat Pants and Sweat Shirts

Gift Cards to local Grocery Stores and Drug Stores

Phone Cards

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